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TDM Laboratory is unlike any other lab group you’ve ever worked with. That’s because we’re focused not only on giving your numbers, but on giving you rich, reliable information that you can use to provide your patients the best possible level of care.

Our Laboratory Services


We offer comprehensive urine screening services for substance abuse programs, medical offices and long-term care facilities. Our lab is constantly expanding test panel(s) to stay current with new medications, illicit drugs, and controlled substances. Our advanced technology is equipped with the industry’s most precise detection levels, to ensure the highest sensitivity and most accurate reporting. Increased sensitivity allows for enhanced detection of individual drugs and metabolites using a minimal volume of specimen.

Respiratory Pathogen

We offer comprehensive Respiratory Pathogen Testing that Streamline testing for multiple viral and bacterial agents of the upper respiratory tract.  Our Comprehensive Panel detects multiple respiratory pathogens simultaneously, including multiple influenza types. Our Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) panels eliminate the need for physicians to refer a patient out for testing and saves patients the time it would take to find a lab

Health & Wellness

Our Wellness Blood Panel includes a complete blood panel, which may aid in the evaluation of conditions ranging from anemia to infection to leukemia and beyond. This test is designed to support your efforts at practicing preventative medicine while giving insight on standard blood markers, hormone, advanced lipids and inflammatory biomarkers. Our Innovative testing panels identify a broad range of critical markers. that includes a complete metabolic panel, which measures markers that may be critical for understanding organ function and in screening for conditions such as diabetes. 



TDM Laboratory


TDM Laboratory is an innovative healthcare services organization dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives. Our emphasis is on comprehensive wellness and preventative medicine. We are a full wellness laboratory offering a complete program for contemporary physicians looking to optimize their patients well being and to practice medicine in the preventative spirit of the Affordable Care Act. In particular, we offer specialty panels for wellness, RPP, toxicology drug monitoring, blood allergy, advanced lipids and PGX testing. We follow that with superior reporting that features rich detail, along with peer guidance to further your insights into your patient’s health status. Advanced online portal systems house all sample reports delivering superior management of patient data. 


to provide our physicians, patients, their families and our community with extraordinary healthcare service; to ensure peace of mind through high quality, compassionate treatment; and to deliver care beyond their expectations. Passionate About Medicine. Compassionate About People


Our reports feature clear, detailed graphing that makes it easy to identify at a glance which results are out of range and by how much. We plot each patient’s full panel of results against accepted ranges and highlight those measurements that call for special attention. Then we break down each element of the panel separately with bold colored markings that are designed to accelerate your analysis process and ensure that no significant result is overlooked.



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